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Unlike other dating sites has real single people throughout Idaho and the Treasure Valley in search of love and companionship.

also works if you are in another location other than Idaho but you want to meet single people when you do travel to Boise or other Idaho locations.Dating, Kissing, Hugging, Sex, which are we allowed to do and which is illegal?Her parents know about me and the issue and they like me enough to where they wouldn't press charges I am sure. Her birthday is september 9th and mine is the 16th.First of all, the legal age of sexual consent is 18 in your state, so neither one of you should be having sex until you are 18.When you turn 18, if you continue to have a relationship that includes, kissing, touching, sleeping in the same bed naked, oral sex, putting your hands on her butt or breasts, you could be charged with a sexual crime.

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