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A sexy white midriff top and short plaid skirt gives this scene a little bit of an edge.Her school girl look and wild eyes give away her feelings of fear at the beginning of her live feed. Log in to Insex Archives Stocks weighing heavily on my neck and shoulders, I dance nervously against the dungeon’s brick wall. My first sentence: three hours of torturous anticipation. Log in to Insex Archives Exclusive live feed footage of the high-strung 822 in full attitude.Una de ellas, algún loco ha inventado un dispositivo con velcro que permite lucir una espléndida pezuña de camello postiza.Tiene toda la pinta de ser una broma, pero cualquiera sabe… Silent, seductive 831 submits to bondage, pain, humiliation, and a long suffocation scene that leads to orgasm. Log in to Insex Archives Known for her hot body and mouth-watering nipples, the notorious Tyler faces interrogation, electro-torture, and forced orgasms.There is something heady, something perilous in the way her body wrings itself in desire. A spreader bar is tied between her knees and her mouth-watering nipples are clamped, stretched, and secured. She’s prepped for her ordeal with a sack chained about her neck and her hands shackled to her sides. Before long, she’s wearing nothing but stockings, heels, and suction cups on her nipples….. Log in to Insex Archives Silky and sensual, 331 makes a visit to the farm with PD.Sulky and hot, she whimpers and whines but takes it all because, what can she do while wrapped in all that rope? Log in to Insex Archives Princess Donna has her way with one of PD’s favorites. Log in to Insex Archives As a newcomer to the fierce sport of BDSM, 33’s sexy playful attitude gets her through harsh bondage, flogging, ballooned breasts, and penetration.

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He plays with their breath, suffocating them both till they are gasping and choking for air. Log in to Insex Archives Yx, looking just like an innocent school girl, stands immobilized by rope tied tight around her neck on the stage.In her test article, PD explores the myriad possibilities.Clad in fishnets and a miniskirt, the young minx explains that she has had a little experience with BDSM but is eager for more. Log in to Insex Archives Tall and dark-haired, 711 comes to Insex looking for “the best”. And 711 – she learns that there’s pain, and then there’s Insex. Log in to Insex Archives The perfect mix of black and blue, 731 and betty share some quality time in the country.Morning brings a return of the straightjacket, this time accompanied by locking Caroline’s head in a box. Straightjacket gives you sexual bondage at its most stark – a bondage lover’s dream. Log in to Insex Archives Exclusive live feed footage of the high-strung 822 in full attitude.Whatever PD wants, she resists, fighting him to the end.

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