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While the serial number information below refers only to instruments produced through 1992, a significant change in serialization of instruments occurred in 1997, with the advent of 4-bolt neck guitars.

The 4-bolt neck guitars and 6-bolt basses changed to serial numbers beginning with "CL".

Their lives, although polar opposite, shared similarities of relational mistakes and failures.

Both wanting something different this time, they sought guidance.

In a world where dating comes with many different emotions, methods, and opinions, it also comes with choices, decisions, and goals, which are all under your control.Please note that his comments do not reflect changes to G&L instruments since that time.The serial numbers on guitars and basses started at #500, reserving prior numbers for special instruments or presentation.Through their dating process, they were able to establish values, principles, and practical tips that today have produced a happy, healthy marriage, such as: Their moral and biblical approach, mixed with very practical steps, will create a different and refreshing view of your dating potential.No matter your past experiences or mistakes, it’s still possible to have a successful dating relationship today.

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    With hectic travel schedules, long work hours, crammed social calendars and endless children’s parties, classes, sports practices and games, many couples are hard pressed to fit in some alone time.

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